About Persis Advisory


Our company is a Hong Kong domiciled corporation, headquartered in the UK and with office presence in Bulgaria, Dubai, India and the UAE.

Persis’ founders bring with them more than a century of large scale, visible and international commerce in the wider West Asia, and enjoy near unparallelled relations with the business communities of the UK, Europe and Asia.

Persis’ professionals work to navigate today’s globalised marketplace and the complexities of the region’s newly re-engaged economy. The company leverages the knowledge and skills across its professionals to develop practical solutions for commerce.

Persis advises and partners with leading international businesses to allow them to develop commercial opportunities in Asia, Europe and the UK. Persis has operational presence in West Asia through its subsidiaries and affiliate.

We commit our company, capital and ideas to help our clients, partners and principals, whilst ensuring that international communities also benefit from our activities.